Glass Case

I’m crying in my tea because I’m so tired and lonely.
I watched my brother skate off the ice go find his girl like he’d won a prize.
the game wasn’t great but that didn’t matter,  she came to see him and he was happy he had her.
I want to man who beams to see me in jeans and a T, with nothing to prove but my loyalty.
I want to man who doesn’t care when I’m tired, puts on my socks and tells me he’s inspired.
I want a man who doesn’t see me as fun, who sees my worth and knows I’m the one.
You don’t get chances with me, you only get one, fuck with me once and then I am done. I’ve lived too much life to fall for that shit. Too bad so sad I’m over it.
I’ll bloody my knees swinging from trees, riding my bike through bliss. But I’ll be damned if I fall on demand from something I’ve already seen. From someone I knew I knew we were through but give them another chance.
Fool me once shame on you twice on me, for I was failing  to see…
I’m gold in your pan when you  were only seeing sand,  I’m broken but my cracks are filled with steel.
I’m priceless but I get pawned by my disease and then I need time to heal.
So I’m crying into my tea because I’m sad and lonely just sitting in my own glass case.
Afraid to be broken more than I am for falling from my own grace. I’m gold in your pan when youve been only seeing  sand… My cracks are filled with steel.
Be patient my love I’m one of a kind I just need time to heal.

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September 23, 2021

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