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Sometimes I don't want to talk about it, sometimes I do. sometimes I want to talk about it, but not with you.  Sometimes my head screams, I just want to yell into the void, When things get all foggy and dizzied and I can’t do the things I’ve enjoyed. No sometimes it’s...

Rose 🌹

Everything must work at once, last Rose of Summer, serious beauty, the lies, and realizing truth.  No one other than you can see the real battles you're going through.  That may sound sad, or it holds power. For you are not a fragile flower. Yes, everything's weak....

Can You?

Numbness in my fingers Stiffness in my Legs. Everything Must Stay Frozen For my Life I Live I Beg. And Movement Is Freedom Decay is Not an Option I Stare at the Bones in my Hand Knowing This Isn’t Random. Can I Stop a Fast Moving Train? Gripping The Rails with my Toes...