It’s fun to throw sticky balls to the wall
then throwing them to the ceiling and watching them fall
Watching the balls for how long they will stick
For when they fall you have to be quick
Tossing glue and tape to keep them there longer
Though the finale is already known and won’t falter
Keep them high for as long as you can
For they’re not always soft when they land
You can’t see them on the ceiling they’re no nuisance to you
Carry on living life as you do
Though its not if they will fall but when…
Will they land gently or hard, will they hurt you?
They can land on your head
They can land at your feet
Though some may get stuck behind your fan and it’s your choice what to do then.
You can go and get a ladder and take it down
Or stare at the ball for a while while your fan turns round and round.

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September 23, 2021

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