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Why SoleilShines?

Throughout my life battling with the unknowns of my chronic illness, I always wished there was a website to turn to that would help me out of the dark and help me find the answers that I was so desperately craving. These questions I had couldn’t be accurately answered by my doctor’s due to the liabilities they hold as my caretaker. Some examples of such questions that I have personally asked include:

  • How did my anxiety originate?
  • Does (type of prescription medication) interfere with my own hormones and does it work differently due to my condition?
  • Why does this (type of pain) happen so frequently to me?
  • Did my brain surgeries change my brains makeup therefore causing my learning, mental health to be different?

Can You?

Numbness in my fingers
Stiffness in my Legs.
Everything Must Stay Frozen
For my Life I Live I Beg.
And Movement Is Freedom
Decay is Not an Option
I Stare at the Bones in my Hand
Knowing This Isn’t Random.
Can I Stop a Fast Moving Train?
Gripping The Rails with my Toes
Should I Exercise A Muscle?
When it Will Only Go.
I Live a Beautiful Life
Balancing on One Leg Instead of Two.
Though I Can Say I’m Brave
Can you?
Camille Thoms

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Brought to a head

I am feeling low. I know that, especially in my own life, it goes in peaks and valleys. Though ever since brain surgery last year I’ve being circling one particular valley getting higher than getting lower yet always in that same valley. The newest development in my...

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I am 24 years old, living in my childhood home. Feeling like an adult most of the time, until I don’t. I mean it’s hard to relinquish your full adult self when you’re in an environment where you don’t really need to be one. Do I need to work to survive? No. Do I need...

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