Everything must work at once, last Rose of Summer, serious beauty, the lies, and realizing truth. 

No one other than you can see the real battles you’re going through. 

That may sound sad, or it holds power. For you are not a fragile flower.

Yes, everything’s weak. Yes, you feel broken but you are rebuilding into something for-spoken.
You are not spoken for NF2. You are spoken for you.
There’s beauty in you the world has never seen. You have to be bent in order to be a queen. 

This life wasnt made to be simple and easy

Oh, so I wish, but they’ve never seen you.
You won’t be broken by stitches and cuts
Yes, it may hurt and you’ll say I’ve had enough
But love you are not broken you’re rebuilding you. There is so much light shining through you.
You will get back to who you once were.
Though she never left. Shes fighting inside you.
Waiting her turn for when you are through
Through with the weakness through with the pain
Soon you will see your hard work hasn’t been in vain.
There’s no timestamp on recovery It takes as long as it takes.
Do not rush my love take your time allow your self to hurt.
It’s OK it’s been a lot you’re allowed to feel.
Everything your body’s telling you is absolutely real.
It’s also on your side it will not let you down. It’s working as hard as you.
You’re not two things you’re one. Let’s do this and then we’re done.


Spread Sunshine

Camille Thoms